Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Perfect Strangers

The moon is playing tricks again
Full and bright face in the night, again
Watching quietly, benign smile
Reflected and shimmering in your eyes
We take our prayers like God fearing pilgrims
Only our promises are made to be broken
Faithless, we know this is just for the moment
Neither of us have the patience to make this forever

And startled out of your reverie,
I catch you in a daydream, mind wandering
A finger playing at a loose strand of hair falling over your face

I'd like to think that I am in that world
In your imagination
But that would be foolish, I know
For I am far removed from such thoughts
That creep into your waking mind
As the shame burning on your cheeks shows

Soon, too soon, we will say goodbye, there will be no tears
Just an uncoupling, as of trains, gracious adieus
Nullifying our present fears
You will move on, that is your way
I'll just move out
And live my own existence just getting by
Which really means going without

Someday we might meet again, perfect strangers
Across the street
I doubt there would be much conversation
Just the scuffing of anxious feet
Each with other matters to attend
No time for delay,
'Twas a pleasant interlude